The Past, Future, and the Unknown


The Past, Future, and the Unknown are beyond our influence!


The Past has already happened, the future has not occurred. We have no influence over either, but invest enormous amounts of time.


The unknown impacts each one of us, also. What is waiting beyond that next bend, on the river of life, puzzles mankind.


That’s why sports is so popular. Look at the anticipation before one of these World Cup games. The tension, anxiety for the players, coaches and fans ramps up to a crazy fervor.


A player can become a hero or a goat in the next couple hours.


Legends or scapegoats are made, lives are changed forever. Sports fans are fickle and unforgiving.


Take Bill Buckner: Buckner accumulated over 2,700 hits in his career, won a batting title in 1980, and represented the Cubs at the All-Star Game the following season.

Buckner is best remembered for a ground ball fielding error in the tenth inning that ended Game 6 of the 1986 World Series against the New York Mets, a play that has since become prominently entrenched in American baseball lore.


A 22 year career of success is remembered for one play. The external is out of our hands. The unknown labeled him for the rest of his life. He choked on the biggest baseball stage in the World Series.


Our focus on this present moment does not carry the same dramatic changes of a professional athlete. We labor in obscurity with mundane lives.


The unknown can drive us to not risk, not live fully.


We do not get extra days added to our life for not risking, not living fully.


We lose our chance at inner peace.

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