“Perfect Breathing”. Transform your life One Breath at a time




For something so simple, automatic, and for most people, unconscious, breathing carries with it great power.


It is the single most dynamic energy conversion in the human body and fuels every one of your cells. Every neuron, every synapse, every muscle feeds on the flame of your breath.


Breathing is not only critical to sustaining life, but done correctly and consciously, it can be a valuable tool for getting the most out of every human endeavor, from the most demanding physical challenges to the pursuit of understanding life’s deepest spiritual mysteries.


But the power of the breath is easily overshadowed by the times in which we find ourselves.


We live in an age of rampant stress and crushing information overload.


We find ourselves in an era when time is the hottest commodity, when the demands to produce and perform levy a huge toll on our well-being, when we scramble around every day in a panic, unable to keep up with an increasingly frenetic pace.


Jobs and careers ask more from us than we can provide.


Our relationships with family and friends suffer. We neglect our physical health to the point that our bodily systems begin to fail—more colds and flu, infections and disease, toxic buildups, aching muscles and joints and backbones that refuse to cooperate.


Sleep eludes us. We lose focus and creativity. We run out of energy. We regret what we didn’t get done or did poorly yesterday, and worry incessantly about the future, all the while completely forgetting about the possibilities of today.



We try to counteract it all with an abundance of flimsy self-help advice, quick fixes, easy treatments, and a pill to cure seemingly every mental, emotional, and physical affliction for which drug companies can invent names.




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