Start with small, simple, specific things


Meditation/mindfulness can be complex, abstract and confusing.


The answer is take the abstract and complex out of the practice.


Instead of meditating, we are practicing focus on the senses, especially the breath. We start with one breath, adding additional breaths as we progress.


We practice without thought, without expectations, without judgment.


The mind is complex organ, it prefers to race at high-speed, it relishes complex thoughts and judgments.


The mind works best focused on this present moment, empty of thought, traveling at a slow speed.


Awareness is strongest when the mind is focused, empty and going slow.


Awareness is weakest when the mind is focused on the past or future, when it is racing, ruminating and anxious.

Can you tolerate the mind going slow, empty and focused for one breath.


If you can, the rest is repetition and practice.


Master one slow, focused breath.


You need not heal or find inner peace all at once.


Give yourself a better chance, keep it simple, small, and specific.

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