Worry can be a choice sometimes!!!


Letting go sounds easy, just let thoughts fade, breathe, focus.



Maybe easier if you live in a cave meditating twelve hours a day or a monastery, however existing in this rat race is much more difficult.



People, work, finances, life’s responsibilities and stressors bring worry to our doorstop.



Worry consumes people, PTSD haunts those with child abuse. When our PTSD is active, we worry about our safety, our lack of control over emotions, and we fear the next violent trigger



Worry happens in a dissociative state. We are in the past, ruminating or predicting the future demise when we construct worry.



Constant worry and fear defined my childhood, this disease followed me into adulthood.



Now, my mindfulness practice limits worry. It is a battle!



It is not easy, worry arrives, then I focus on the breath, what my eyes see, nose smells, skin feels, or ears hear.



Worry fades within a dozen breaths.



This is the critical moment, the time when a choice arrives.



Do I engage the worry, try to cognitively solve it, evaluate it or do I focus on my practice.



These small choices define our life.


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