FOCUS ON RESILIENCE: “Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness”


“Another way to work with attention is to focus on resilience—a counterbalance to trauma.


“Resilience,” Staci Haines wrote, “is our inherent capacity to see beauty, find connection, commune with something larger than ourselves, and create—even in or after horrendous experiences” (personal communication, June 20, 2016).



It reflects our capacity to cope effectively with adversity and stress, and has a strong connection to both mindfulness and trauma.



Resilience can involve purposefully turning our attention toward what brings us energy and joy.



Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson (2009) refers to this as “taking in the good”—a practice we can purposefully engage in to internalize positive experiences.


Recalling who or what we love is an example of resilience. So are self-care practices, or community events that nourish us.


It helps remind us that our own bodies can be a source of pleasure as opposed to only trauma and pain.

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