Focus on letting go




Let go, let it fade, be present.





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  2. Posted by jeanetteirene on May 29, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    HI Marty,

    Been loving all the posts sent my way. It sure helps as the school years winds down. Hey, my book is now at Kindle Publish. I will be ordering some hard cover copies. I would love to send one to you to read. And if you approve of it as an asset to us survivors, I would love any help in spreading the word of it. The books should come within 2-3 weeks. Could I send you a copy? If so, I would need an address. It is already available through Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

    It was interesting on Saturday. I went to my spiritual guide, who has helped me greatly in healing my loss of Jim (my husband) and the PTSD. In the session she said that there is some type of support coming my way that will be helping to get this information in the book Œout there¹, via some kind of lists. At first I was clueless, but later, as I registered to the CD, it struck me of our emails a few weeks ago. Please know I am not presuming anything, and I will respect your boundaries. It is just a thought.

    I am hoping, that through the summer, you could guide me more with gaining inner peace. I am keeping all your posts about it, but if you have more links, etc. I am wanting to take my experiences as a counselor of young people, and share more how trauma¹s have such long lasting effects on the physiology, mental and spiritual health of a person as they grow, and then explore and share how a body, mind, and spiritual path can heal so many things. I would also include how mental issues, such as ADHD and Asberger¹s Syndrome, Depression, and Anxiety are all often a result of the lasting effects of Trauma. I will expand on the ACE¹s Study and research behind it. This is were your work would be a great tandem bookŠŠ. The segment on gaining inner peace. Just some thoughts.

    I would love to hear what you thinkŠŠ

    With regards, Jeanette

    From: C PTSD – A Way Out Reply-To: C PTSD – A Way Out Date: Friday, May 25, 2018 at 12:07 PM To: Jeanette Orme-Wendt Subject: [New post] Focus on letting go Marty posted: ” . . Let go, let it fade, be present. . . . .”

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