A thicker middle prefrontal areas in the brain.



“Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness”


“One of the better-known findings is that mindfulness meditation correlates with thicker middle prefrontal areas in the brain.



In an oft-cited study, Harvard professor Sarah Lazar and her colleagues (2005) used functional magnetic resonance imaging technology to discover that people who practiced mindfulness meditation have greater activation in the prefrontal cortex.



Given that the prefrontal cortex helps us observe our experience—and exert executive control over compulsions from the emotional brain—the relation to mindfulness makes sense:



mindfulness allows us to witness thoughts, sensations, and emotions without being identified with them.



We can assess our situation rather than reflexively react to it.



While much more study is needed, it’s possible that mindfulness meditation, practiced over time, could lead to enhanced neural function in executive areas of the brain.”




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