Please stay on the Trail: Thoughts have enormous power


The trail most seasoned meditators take,   refrains from swimming in the dangerous water (thoughts).


Bring awareness to the pattern of your thoughts.


Left unattended, thoughts collect emotions, empowering both with energy and duration.


How many hours do you spend lost in thought patterns?


Inside our default mode, some of those 60,000 daily thoughts are repetitive, unhealthy and self-centered.



Our meditation/mindfulness practice, our goal is to do the opposite.



We want as little thought and “Ego” as possible during the day.



We want to direct our thoughts when needed, acting as a gatekeeper to cut off any rumination.


Thought is where the war of PTSD, depression, anxiety and many other disorders are fought.


Pay attention to the patterns of your mind.



I found that during the morning shower my mind would scan the activity planned for the day.



Do we look forward to the day, look for ways to navigate the land mines, or do we see doom and gloom.



This is a choice, the way we perceive life, opportunity or doom and gloom.



Only entertain positive thoughts, let the unworthy, negative ones fade.


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