The Rollercoaster ride of PTSD! My crazy Path! Part 2!


This trigger felt much worse than it actually turned out. I perceived danger, confusion, fear and anxiety. My Trauma thoughts always  catastrophizethe the event. What if this happens continually, I will suffer for the rest of my life!



Trauma is a huge bluff!!! BLUFF, BLUFF, BLUFF, BLUFF.


Besides our fight or flight mechanism firing, bp, heart rate and respiration rising along with loss of fine motor skills, nothing happens. My fight or flight mechanism is dormant when a trigger fires now. This is what we consider fear, the feeling of being afraid is linked to this mechanism. It prepares us for a lethal threat.


PTSD has stolen the code, the switch which initiates a trigger, spreading anxiety and fear, flooding our system with cortisol. It is memories of past danger that is the culprit. I know I am safe when a trigger erupts now. More important my body knows it from my exploration of my inner world.


That is one of the goals of a meditation practice.


When we dissociate, get lost in trauma thought, the default mode kicks in. We become focused on “I”, me, mine, their unworthiness, suffering and helplessness. Trauma is fueled continually in this default mode.


Playing defense helps me tremendously. I do not ruminate or grasp these thoughts. They are left alone to fade from consciousness. It is like a tug of war. Grab that rope even with one hand and the rest of your body is a prisoner.


My answer to this trigger was first to ignore the intrusive, negative, unworthy thoughts. Next I focus on my breath, my model, and brought approval and inner peace to the anxious feelings in my solar plexus.


Next, I meditated in half hour sets in the morning and night, bringing security and inner peace to my inner world. That soothed me and allowed me to use exposure therapy. I went back to similar spots where I was triggered.


This calmed the catastrophizing thoughts.


Now, a day later I am much better. Focused and more centered. It is not the end of the war but I won this battle.


You can also. Build your tools while things are calm.


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  1. Posted by Victoria Morgan on May 17, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Thanks I needed that today. Last night I had a fright or flight occasion while in the park at night feeding feral cats for a rescue. It’s only geese that caused it but I had been attacked by ducks when in Kentucky.

    I remember sharing myself saying it’s only frkng geese. It does feel like it never goes away-just lurking where unexpectedly.

    Your posts are a lifeline.

  2. “Trauma is a huge bluff!!! BLUFF, BLUFF, BLUFF, BLUFF.”…..Yes it is. Many of us think it is the end all. Big mistake!💕

  3. Thanks for responses and insight

    Some of my posts are my battles which we all share

    The trauma specifics may be different

    The way the mind stores and handles trauma is the same

  4. If we explore taking a hike in the forest. We walk upon a momma bear with a cub. We startled her, as she raises up defending her young. Up on two legs growling then taking a charge at us, fires our fight or flight mechanism fully.

    We feel that jolt in the solar plexus.

    Fear grips us and maybe we are frozen. Then something distracts the bear and she backs off.

    Have we been damaged.

    Not physically.

    It is our defense mechanism and does no harm until it fires way to often, say if we have ptsd.

    They teach Navy Seals how to use the breath and focus to be able to move and react.

    Actually this energy these drugs can be used as fuel if we become friends with our nervous system.

  5. That is soooo true. I believe we all have a secret power but we must breathe, stay focused, and remain present to tap into it. But often times, fear seems to win the battle in our head. I enjoyed this post!❤️

  6. Elongating our breaths, especially the exhales engauges our parasympathetic nervous system, the brakes.

    Cortisol is dissipated as we slow the breath

    Leave the storyline go and focus on the breath.

    The calm will settle in with several slow breaths

    Practice when times are calm so you have built strength when the damn breaks

    Be prepared

  7. Absolutely….breathing excercises and meditation is my best friend!

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