Practice Humility: less ego more giving, being, doing!




One of the roads we travel towards inner peace is called humble avenue.


We resist turning down Pride Street or that Arrogance Alley.


Jealousy and greed are dead end streets of suffering.


Giving and gratitude are also streets on the road to inner peace.


We use self-approval and equanimity as fuel.


No toll roads just hard work needed.



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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you

    We are all on this path together, we face many of the same challenges.

    My healing used much less “Ego”, being humble came with the territory.

  3. Posted by jeanetteirene on May 17, 2018 at 5:20 am

    Hi Marty,

    Busy weekŠ.. As usual for the closing weeks of school. I had a few moments to do a few thingsŠŠ. Like I wanted to find out how to send a book off to Oprah Winfrey (my ideal person to endorse this book). I found an article that was to help a person compose their thoughts. Would you consider reading it to see if it makes sense?

    I am having this idea about our collaboration. You have som much knowledge and insight culminating in all your posts. If there were either distinct books of themes ŠŠ inner peace, mindfulness, etc., or we do a configuration of how one daily does this work with lead activities, or ŠŠŠ. I want your ideas hear. I feel like your gift is the knowledge you have acquired and your willingness to state it in Œteaching¹ mode. My Œgift¹ is bringing it to my personal experience and how it Œfelt¹ within me and my gained perspectives. It¹s funny, I have been reading your latest posts and some feel so directed at me (probably not intended), but I could have easily Œtaken off¹ with more in-depth writing about the use of the posts and my self knowledge gained. I am wondering if that is a project that might lend itself to a collaboration.

    The other would be helping you get your idea for schools, or the general population, to go to print. You have so much to get disbursed. If I can get a Œfoot in the door¹, perhaps we can both spread our message, helping others grow and evolve, while we feel good about what we are doing. If we happen to make some money Š.. Cool.

    Your thoughts? Please read the lower Œletter¹ to Oprah and let me know what you think.

    With Light and love, Jeanette

    Dear Oprah Winfrey and Editors/Producers, It was an article that I read when I ŒGoogled¹ ³How to send a book to Oprah for review², that I happened upon an article by Evan Carmichael. Evan had interviewed Oprah on her choice of her ³One Word², to accentuate what she and her ŒBrand² stood for. Her word was of being the ³love Brand². That was an intriguing question for me to answer. In thinking about my One Word, it was fairly easy because it was so obvious. My work and Œbrand¹ is Evolution Š.. of mind, body and soul/spirit/energy. Let me explain. Recently I wrote and self published a booked called Journey To A Safe Harbor, A Mind, Body and Soul¹s journey out of loss, PTSD and addiction (introducing a cure). It is a banner description of my work, in which I describe how each part of me has journeyed through science research, therapeutic psychology, and spiritual/soulful awakenings to evolve my Being, so I can not only heal mySelf, but be available as a guide/helper for others. ³Evolution² brand goes back to my young years and my career choices of becoming a teacher, then an MFT therapist, and now the combination of the two Š.. school counselor for K-6th grade. In all roles, the brand of evolution is in play ŠŠ evolving the mind (teaching), evolving the human emotional condition (MFT), and then combining the two, while helping the school district implement a school-wide and community wide Social/Emotional Program (a program developed by Yale University). Then from the death of my soul mate, my soul/spirit was thrust into evolution of learning of how our energies shift from human form to the frequencies of our souls, due to my soul mate reaching through a medium to have continued connection with me. This evolution took the greatest degree of faith, trust and love, in mySelf, and with those who desire to connect to us 3-D Beings here on Earth. In this period of evolution, I am growing to become more comfortable with meditation, mindfulness, and the quest for inner peace. I have become dedicated to learning how to keep this Earth vehicle I live in Š.. my body Š.. in peak condition. I am working with the ³many² in my community and school, in managing emotions with skillful strategies. I discovered my writing voice, so I can share my story of evolution in my book, giving a heartfelt perspective to the many of us who have dealt with loss, PTSD, and addiction. AND, in my process of going to publish, I discovered a little known theory of how addiction came to be and how to create extinction of it (many types of addiction). I look forward to seeing what possibilities open up to me that allow me to not only continue to evolve my own Being, but to help others take on their own evolution Š.. of either body, or mind, or soul Š.. or all together. In 3+ years, I evolved from wanting to leave this Earth and be with my soul mate, to being so very excited about being a 3D human. Life is proving to be a beautiful gift. And I continue to expand my knowledge and resources, so I can bring future writing to this culmination of information. My greatest heart/mind/soul joy would be to have my story be spread to the many of us who have experienced trauma (especially in childhood), who have ended up Œusing¹ a substance or activity that helped our bodies feel Œnormal¹, only to have time create an addiction. There is a journey-able path that all can do. I also want to punctuate this information with the idea that these traumas and addictions were part of an evolutionary path of the soul. ³Victimhood² is not a mandatory perspective to hold. We all can see our Earth path from the lifelong perspective we live with as a human, but also from the souls perspective. Many great people have introduced this shift in perspective, but my story brings it to the essence of our human condition Š. from the core of early childhood learning¹s ŠŠ from the little beings we were born into Š. a touch of our essence. I hope to hear back from you, Oprah, and/or your talented team. With Love and Light, Jeanette Orme

    From: C PTSD – A Way Out Reply-To: C PTSD – A Way Out Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 7:52 PM To: Jeanette Orme-Wendt Subject: [New post] Practice Humility: less ego more giving, being, doing! Marty posted: ” . . One of the roads we travel towards inner peace is called humble avenue. We resist turning down Pride Street or that Arrogance Alley. Jealousy and greed are dead end streets of suffering. Givin”

  4. Being humble is powerful for the spirit. I’ll take that with me today. Thanks Marty💛

  5. Jeannette a quick response. Yes I am open to a collaboration. My posts speak to people doing the work. Our specifics are different, our trauma and how the mind works is very similar.

    You feel I am writing to you because I write about what I have read, experienced and what I go through day to day.

    I think we could write a couple different books. One small reference detailing how to react when a trigger hits, the basics.

    I have to read the letter and will get you an opinion.

    Thanks Val.

    Healing, happiness or inner peace do not happen with pride, arrogance or greed.

    If we are not accepting about our current status, accepting our vulnerabilities and mistakes inner peace is not available

  6. Great letter and great idea to knock on that big door. I like how you distilled it down to evolution and approached her with some inner wisdom.

    Good luck

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