Are you Serious about changing your life!


First we work on things that go into our body:


Nutrition: Control the amount of sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol and drugs that enter our system.    Our mindfulness practice  can be derailed by addiction to any of these substances.    Think about the purpose of food.   Nutrition  and longevity are important.


Thoughts: Control what thoughts, judgments and emotions we grasp or give energy to. We release every judgment we can. Acceptance of everything about oneself is the goal.


Next, we control what leaves our body:


We wish inner peace to all, no resentment, no jealousy, no greed, no anger, no hate, no negative emanates from our being. We give a smile and a kind greeting even to so-called enemies. We never condescend to anyone, we humbly give freely.



Exercise: We push ourselves, using our favorite aerobic exercise to near exhaustion. Many benefits arrive to both our mind and body with arduous exertion. Poisons are flushed, physical achievement is shared by the mind. The body can move the mind when it is frozen.


Practice: Sit (meditate) with intensity, focus and purpose. We sit everyday and apply being focused, empty and calm during the day. We build our focus when things are calm, preparing for the storm of thoughts and challenges that derail our effort.



We enter each task or event of the day. Try not thinking when you fold clothes, prepare a meal, garden, play an instrument or do the dishes. Judgments are released, emotions are not grasped and being present is coveted above all else.


Nothing is boring, nothing is mundane, every moment is an opportunity to be fully present.


This is what a spiritual life coach would recommend.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, I am serious about changing my life!

  2. Your only concern is your effort and attitude

  3. Your enthusiasm is excellent now do the work everyday

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