Inner peace is limitless!


“The Self compassion skills workbook”:


“If you believe—as I do—that self-compassion is a quality with limitless value, then it makes sense to adopt this practice as an important part of your life.”
My two cents: This care circuit (inner peace) grows quicker than regular practice, soothes our nervous system and nerve endings.



Man searches for happiness by chasing pleasure and avoiding criticism all to often.


That feels natural in the short run, however leads to addiction and suffering in the long term.



That first banana split feels euphoric, but by the third one, an upset stomach is our reward.



Try chasing any pleasure and see where it leads, my guess is addiction and suffering.


Whether it be power, drugs, alcohol, sex or  antacids, it leads to dependency not freedom.


We get seduced by accomplishment, power, status, money, possessions and approval.


Our “Ego” craves approval, dominance and importance.



Inner peace has nothing to do with those activities.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Your title explains it all! We put limits on it because we do not know jow to obtain inner peace.

  2. Amen Marty! Amen.

  3. Happiness is also something we know little about or how to be happy

  4. Hunan nature does not lead us to happiness

  5. Absolutely true! Our happiness remains on the surface, that’s why it can easily be taken away.

  6. Excellent title!

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