“Loving-Kindness in Plain English”: greed, hatred and delusion versus metta!

“The Buddha called greed, hatred and delusion the three poisons. These difficult states of mind can overtake us. In the Discourse for Cunda the Silversmith (Cunda Kammaraputa Sutra) the Buddha recommends practicing non-greed, non-hatred, non-delusion.


These practices mean not simply giving up behavior that hurts ourselves and others, but also taking up behavior that benefits ourselves and others. They mean being actively generous and deliberately kind, as well as cultivating wisdom.


Take a moment to think about what it feels like to practice non-greed or non-hatred—-how the absence of such feelings makes room in our heart for loving friendliness.


We may begin to understand why the Buddha recommended these practices when we look at what happens in our experience of them. For example, you may find that while speaking with metta to someone, you feel happy.


Later, when remembering how the other person smiled and shone during the friendly conversation, you feel happy once again.


Even planning to do something with metta for someone feels positive—-it helps your mind generate endless energy so that you are not tired as you usually might feel.


Being kind to others no longer seems like a chore when it is done with metta. And our cordiality and warm-heartedness uplifts those around us so they feel at ease.



Seeing everyone working together in friendliness will bring you tremendous joy.



The felt sensation of greed and anger by no means leaves you feeling like this.”

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  1. Love this! 💞 I hope everyone replaces their poisons with something of substance.

  2. I love it also

    We can all aspire to improve, to practice

  3. Absolutely right

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