Let’s talk “Worry”, do we have a choice?


Let’s take daily action to minimize our worrying.   Our destructive default mode is fueled by worry,  powered by negative,  emotionally charged thought.   I, me, mine assumes control of our mind and body.


Worry is a not a present tense entity,  it draws from past experience to project future doom.


Now at 66, my lifelong worries have never materialized but my belief in them has stolen many years of my life.   So 99% of my worry never happened.   This could be called conjecture.



What can we do?



Simple,  concrete,  immediate goals are grasped by the mind much easier.   Abstract thoughts about the future,  do not move our organism to action.



So we need to leave this present moment to feed worry.   Second,  low self confidence and doubt make fertile ground for worry.


Mindfulness practice,  focus on the breath,  allows us to stay present,  allows us to let thoughts go.


When worry arrives,  let the storyline go,  bring compassion to yourself.


Wish yourself inner peace and understand worry is an abstract prediction,  pessimistic in nature and almost always wrong.


Hug yourself,  place your hand on your heart and wish for inner peace.


Worry is a choice,  so is compassion!

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