“Self Compassion Skills Workbook”: pain and compassion


In fact, neuroscientists have demonstrated that the key to transforming pain from the past is to get in touch with that pain while experiencing compassion at the same time.


This triggers a process in your brain called memory reconsolidation that literally rewrites your emotional response to a past experience.



The memory isn’t erased; it is simply changed so that it doesn’t cause distress anymore.



For this type of deep transformation to occur, all we need to do is to get in touch with pain from our past as well as our compassion for ourselves—both at the same time. 



Just bringing up pain with no compassion is the same as continuously ruminating, which only causes the pain to get worse. 



Just bringing up compassion with no pain is the same as doing Practice 7 or 8, which builds joy and regulates emotions but is not transformative. 



Bringing up pain and compassion together can lead to deep transformation.



The purpose of this practice is to heal and transform the pain from your past.

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