Compassion, give it a try

“In fact, when we learn how to have compassion for the parts of ourselves that give us the most discomfort and pain, we discover that growth and healing become much easier.”
My two cents: When we feel unworthy, depressed, guilty or anxious, a choice arrives.


Get lost in thought and suffer or let go and stay present.


I used to focus on my breath intently, which would empty my mind of those thoughts.


That was helpful and promoted wellbeing but my triggers returned in time..


Now, I visualize myself in childhood being abused.


Without thought, I wish that little boy inner peace, wellbeing, support, security and unconditional love.  I want you to be safe, secure and happy.


My spirit was always a giving one to others, but lacked the ability of self love.


This wishing myself inner peace, support and kindness has soothed something inside me.


It has brought glimpses of inner peace and calm to my soul.


Give it a try, substitute compassion when adversity arrives.

2 responses to this post.

  1. “…let go and stay present.” This is the key to remaining balanced and sane. Being present is so important. We all get lost in our heads and forget to live. Instead we start to live in the past and future in head causing anxiety and stress for things that has happen or things you do not even know will happen….Love this!💞

  2. Neuroscience, functional MRI’s have proved the loving kindness mediation practice.

    Sport is a huge thief

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