Taking action is closer to life, being sedentary is closer to death.


Taking action is the path to healing, wellbeing and happiness.


Being sedentary is the path to suffering, the road where negativity dominates life.


Our ship has arrived, it has docked five miles offshore.


Life demands we get in the row boat and row our asses off.


We will die the same day, same hour, same minute whether we choose to be sedentary and suffer or live fully and take rigorous daily action.


Life is a journey where we get up with the same enthusiasm whether life is harsh or kind today.


Viktor Frankl in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” details that enduring hardship carries satisfaction and wellbeing.


After we experience a trauma, life can get stuck, we can become frozen.


We must not isolate, not avoid but do the opposite, take action in the face of danger.


What holds you back from exerting all out effort today?

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