“Altered Traits”: Default mode part one

When scientists asked people during these periods of “doing nothing” what was going on in their minds, not surprisingly, it was not nothing!


They typically reported that their minds were wandering; most often, this mind-wandering was focused on the self—How am I doing in this experiment?


I wonder what they are learning about me; I need to reply to Joe’s phone message—all reflecting mental activity focused on “I” and “me.”



In short, our mind wanders mostly to something about ourselves—my thoughts, my emotions, my relationships, who liked my new post on my Facebook page—all the minutiae of our life story.



By framing every event in how it impacts ourselves, the default mode makes each of us the center of the universe as we know it.



Those reveries knit together our sense of “self” from the fragmentary memories, hopes, dreams, plans, and so on that center on I, me, and mine.



Our default mode continually rescripts a movie where each of us stars, replaying particularly favorite or upsetting scenes over and over.


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