Meditation/Mindfulness is not an intellectual property


First trillium of the year blooming

Meditation/Mindfulness is not an intellectual property.


Reading a book or a 100 books on meditation only brings an understanding of the process, the practice.


Taking college courses arrives at the same result.



Meditation/Mindfulness is about doing, sitting quietly focused on our breath, facing our fears in solitude.



All the books and classes combined have nothing to do with daily practice.



We need to sit (actual practice) and focus to receive the benefits.



It is so simple, a repeatable habit of focus and letting go.



Takes training the mind to act in a different way.



The mind want to go fast and handle complex thought with strong emotions.



Mindfulness does the opposite.



We train the mind to slow down considerably using the breath, then we let the mind empty.



This is foreign, awkward for our cognitive engine.



The ego will resist at all costs rather than lose control.


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