We want to reach a focused, no thought space!

The breath is a four part mini-symphony. We try to slow the rhythm, the pace of this tune.



Try to decrease the number of breaths taken in a minute. Four second inhales and exhales combined with two second pauses equal 10 second breaths (6 a minute).



5 second inhales and exhales along with 3 second pauses equal 16 second breaths (4 a minute). Work on slowing your breath, calming your nervous system.



The breath has great impact on the nervous system. We are applying the brakes, depleting adrenaline and cortisol, calming the mind and body.



Next, focus on the lowest decibel sound in the room. Go beneath that sound, listen intently for the sound of your heartbeat. Next, listen to the sound of your inhales and exhales. Can your hear them?



Mindfulness works best with a very specific type of focus, concentration. I use a visual model along with intense listening for the first three or so minutes.



Thoughts and emotions flood into our consciousness. The mind wants to be full of complex thought. It wants to go fast with those emotional cognitions.



Meditation trains the mind to let go of thought, then slow way down to enhance our focus. The Body can go supersonic, the mind works best going slow, being focused and empty.



Takes daily practice with this accumulative skill.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Karen L. on March 24, 2018 at 1:02 am

    Recently, my ability to focus seems nonexistent!
    Your post…just what I needed!
    Thanks Marty!

  2. Back to basics

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