Surrender, More than Acceptance!!!!




Want to improve, deepen, heal, find some happy, then action is needed.


Meditation uses “Acceptance” to let go, opening the “Mindful” building.


Surrendering accesses the elevator to the upper floors.


Accepting was difficult and remains a challenge. We accept everything about ourselves right now, no further knowledge or accomplishment needed.



I always had this feeling of fear, like placing your arms in front of you for protection while meditating, exploring.  My body would feel tense or anxious.



Then I came up with a solution to relax my resistance.



I visualized opening my arms out as far as possible to each side of me.




My heart was exposed, open, vulnerable for the first time.




My heart became a butterfly net for the next ten minutes.



Every emotion, judgment, thought, doubt, worry or utterance was caught gently, without resistance, a space void of judgment, ownership, thought.



Each thought is gently caught, observed, then a breath blown through it. Thoughts and emotions fade quietly in our surrendering space.




Practice surrendering like this to deepen your spiritual space, to enhance healing, to make happiness a daily companion.



Happiness does not appear by happenstance or chance, it is cultivated with intention, focus and behavior.



We have to clear the field of weeds, of rocks, of debris to grow our crop.



Happy is earned, accomplished by daily training, simple practices of acceptance then surrender.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! (p.s. You have a typo in your title.)

  2. Thanks

    I surrender to my flaws also

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