We must be able to endure the awkward, the uncomfortable


Reading one of the blogs I follow, a post listed all the doubts, judgments, concerns about the therapist, therapy and her own worthiness or unworthiness.


It seemed a celebration of victimhood wrapped in the Ego’s narrative.


Healing will never happen if we wait till things feel good or it is the right time to try.


Safe is never arriving, even the richest man has no idea what’s around the next bend.



We have to learn to withstand, to endure situations and people who make us uncomfortable, uneasy or even a little scared.


Unless we endure, experience these situations, healing or happiness will always be a stranger.


We will never feel that calm, that feeling of I am ok, worthy!


Being worthy comes from within, not through achievement or approval.


Next time a trigger explodes, focus on your breath, observe the narrative and watch it fade away.


A calm, a knowing you are fine arrives to greet us.



Healing or being on a spiritual journey is not an easy, calm path, it can be highly charged, scary and turbulent, like life.


Build your focus and hunt down your fears.



It is a battle, many do not see it like this.

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  1. Sometimes those things need to be written out or spoken in order to be worked through, walked through, or disspelled. I think that to give voice to the part that feels like a victim just might give that part what it needs to start transforming and finding ways to feel more empowered. At least, this is my experience. Sometimes I have to purge all the “crazy” all the “woe is me” so that I can look back on it and gain perspective, so that I can get past the victim mentality. I don’t know… everyone’s journey is different and all are valid. We get where we get, however we get there.

  2. Posted by chickenlittle2017 on February 23, 2018 at 4:03 pm


  3. KD thanks for your response. I am only trying to help, to point out a few things without causing you more pain. I help people on their healing journey.

    My experience with people is that way to much time is spent in doubt, worthy, unworthiness or just negative thought. There is always going to be doubt, worry, fear, confusion and suffering, when we take action.

    If you have made a list of all the negative things that block you from taking action, then make of list of things you are grateful for and the tools you have to heal.

    The second list should dwarf the first. The second list should get all our attention, the first none.

    What fires together wires together, where we place our attention grows, where we withdraw, withers and dies.

    Handling our negatives makes them grow in intensity and duration.

    The energy and time wasted in negative thought and judgment could be present moment healing time.

    Here is a post on questions to ask your therapist.


    It is important you pick a competent one that can push you, get you to take action and has multiple ways to heal.

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