“Hiding in Plain Sight”: The moment we see the “me” as a helpless and unreal part of us,



It is this total allowing that shifts our human helplessness into the true state of Being.


The moment we see the “me” as a helpless and unreal part of us, then it falls away and what is left is our true nature.


The recognition that your “me” is the very problem that caused all the emotional suffering, and yet in itself, is helpless to do anything or fix or obtain anything, is itself the greatest gift.


You are seen as wholeness, without expectations or demands.


Confusion and resistance dissolve in the light of openness and nothing will be left.



Paradoxically, it is when you are left utterly empty with nothing to hold on to that a breakthrough happens.


Out of that nothingness emerges the indescribable fullness and wonder of simple Being.


After this breakthrough, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any fear arising.



It simply means that there will be no more “me” to identify with it.



Therefore, you are totally free to be who you are.



The greatest richness is not wealth, success or accomplishment but the death of the “me” that will leave one free from bondage.


The profound simplicity of this seeing of the obvious is always one step too near for the mind and “understanding” to ever approach.




Herein lies the invitation to give the deductive analytical and conditioned mind a rest and simply breathe in these words in this book with the effortlessness and resonance from which they arose.



The human ego is incessantly seeking the Being and yet it is this very seeking that blocks the seeing.




Because seeking makes it seem like something you can attain, and attainment gives one the belief that it is not the case at the moment.


You are already a human being and there’s nothing to attain, to accomplish nor fix, but simply see the truth of this moment as it is.


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