That first step is harder than a triathlon!



Taking a small action, say a mere ten minutes a day meditating, can not be the problem.



We exert far more energy reading, worrying, complaining and distracting ourselves.



In fact we exert more energy avoiding, overworking, overtraining, constructing the storyline of victimhood.



That first step must bring enormous responsibility, fear and anxiety to our doorstep.






This is the first awareness on the healing path.



We distort reality, the ego invents elaborate excuses, reasons to suffer the familiar, a storyline to never take responsibility.



Without a deep awareness and substantial courage, change seems impossible!



Fear is the underlying cause for inaction, for accepting suffering as a choice.



Please share your insight and experience on you’re path.

One response to this post.

  1. This was groundbreaking for me. Always thought people were just lazy about not trying. It is far more scary and harsh than that idea.

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