Awareness Vs Thoughts: From ‘The Perfection of Awareness’ by ‘Burt Harding’


In order to see who it is that exists as you, there has to be the clarity of knowing the difference between thought and awareness.



Thoughts always get our attention first and that’s why we make it real.



However, what is it that sees the thought?



Isn’t it awareness?



Therefore, although the thought seems to come first, it is awareness that makes it possible that there is a thought.



When you can see the difference between thought (what seems to be) and awareness (which is eternally so) then we can also see their oneness and discover unconditional love.



Thought and Awareness always work together just like your body and its shadow.



One is eternally so and is the Real You, the other is a pseudo-self and seems real but isn’t.




It is this clarity which is the awakened life.

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