A viewer asks about the complexity and enormity of practicing mindfulness


“You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be really something that I believe I’d by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely huge for me. I am looking forward to your subsequent publish, I will attempt to get the hold of it!”

I apologize if I make it look easy, that is not my intent. It is not easy, but the solution is simple, repetitive and accumulative.

All that complexity comes from thought, judgment, the storyline. You can get lost in the abstract concepts. My way is extremely simple because I took out the complex, the abstract and the unneeded.

I created a breathing model that is simple, concrete, immediate and bulletproof.



You can touch it, trace it, follow it in a three dimensional space.




It gives the breath four parts that make one cycle. Inhale, pause, exhale, pause. Simple.


Perfect one breath. That is the basis of everything!


That is extremely simple and extremely powerful, the basic building block of neuroscience.


The breath controls the nervous system, depletes cortisol and activates our parasympathetic nervous system.


Focusing on the breath, observing without judging, letting go is simple, extremely difficult without daily practice and application.


Look at how two rugby players in that plane crash hiked over the Andes mountain range without winter clothes or climbing gear. Living was an immediate need. Nando’s mantra was,


“As long as I have a breath, I will die one step closer to my father.”


16 people survived because this one man refused to quit and die.



One breath at a time saved 16.



We are trying to save one, us!


So I digress, back to training the mind.



It craves immediate, concrete, simple and repetitive.


Look at athletes, musicians, artists. How do they focus their mind. They perform without thought, or thinking. Their skill has entered their bodies and thought would slow and spoil their performance.


This process, our focus must withstand our nervous system firing, our fight or flight mechanism firing. That means our defense mechanism has spotted a lethal threat. Tunnel vision, loss of fine motor skills, elevated respiration, bp and heart rate follow.


Focusing on the breath, observing without judging, letting go is simple, extremely difficult without daily practice and application.


You start with one breath and master it.


Let all else go and master one breath. Repetition is all that is needed, a desire to live fully, courage to face fear, and a passion to be free.


One breath is the key, everything that follows is repetition.


The path is as follows:

Awareness: We have to see reality, the real world, how we fit in. Attention is placed on how our mind functions, how it interacts with our body mechanisms. We need to see ourselves without the bias of the “Ego’s” judgments. With 60,000 thoughts passing through our consciousness daily, awareness is key for perspective and proper navigation.

Acceptance: Optimum acceptance would have us accepting everything about us right here, right now. There is nothing we can attain, accomplish or possess in the future that has any permanence or connection with happiness. We are complete, whole, capable of experiencing enormous happiness right now. Everything we need is available in this next breath.

Gratitude: When our spirit fills with enough gratitude, desires deflate into proper perspective. Unless we can let go of the need for approval, the need for status and the need for importance, gratitude will wither. Awareness illuminates the path, acceptance frees the soul, and gratitude opens the door to our expansive side.

Giving: I believe giving altruistically without regard for reward, distances the “ego” farthest from our consciousness. Giving allows us to escape the ego’s grasp and go deeper into our spiritual journey. Giving melts unworthiness and fear, moves the frozen with ease into action. In my opinion, giving is connected directly with happiness.

Healing: On this journey, healing has been slowly underway, however at the giving stage, healing is accelerated, emotionally and physically. Focus on the breath while letting go of what scares you, liberates the mind, frees the spirit, and expands consciousness.

Happiness: Happiness, real happiness endures, it is a peace of mind we carry with us. It exists when difficulty, stress,,loss, joy and positive experiences unfold. In my experience, happy lives where thought does not exist, where the ego is dormant, where self fades for this moment.

Addition: my daughter has found a hot yoga studio that blends the breath, usually five breaths to the poses. It is a form of meditation using the body and breath. The highest form of yoga is meditation.

Also add exercise to make it mind and body. Yoga or aerobic exercise close to exhaustion also helps.

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