In Touch: Whatever we resist persists


“Whatever we resist persists—that is another inner law.


We can sense when we are accepted and loved unconditionally by others.


When this happens, we relax.


And then, almost miraculously, we feel safe enough to open up like a flower bud in the warming sun.


Our relationship to our inner experience is no different.


Whatever we are resisting within ourselves senses the lack of full acceptance, no matter how subtle, and braces against it.


We seem to be facing a great dilemma: if deep transformation only happens when there is unconditional acceptance and if the conditioned mind cannot accept unconditionally, what is there to do?


The good news is that there is an awareness in us that already accepts everything just as it is.


This awareness is not of the mind, and it is not mindful in any ordinary sense of this word.



It is certainly not about thinking, evaluating, or bargaining in any way. Instead, it tends to be centered in the heart area.


It is heartful or no-mindful. Your deepest nature loves what is, just as it is.


How can we know this awareness firsthand?


How do we recognize it?


It is all about listening to and attuning with what is already here.


We can start by relaxing”.

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  1. Posted by Jennifertem on January 8, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    Slowing the mind. Slow breaths.

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