Living in the Now: First post by Mechelle



This is Mechelle with Renewing Winds renewingwindsblog. I started following Marty and his blog about two years ago.  He is a mindfulness coach and dear friend, who asked me to collaborate  on this blog.

I have applied many of his principles and would like to share my perspective with you all.  My student perspective allows one to see the challenges and benefits of doing the work.  Applying his lessons, I have absolutely transformed my life and feel quite blessed to be able to share my journey with you all.

I also started my own blog.  I want to help people become their authentic-self and unlock their true potential.  I am hoping to offer you all insight to my path that has allowed me to thrive after being suicidal for many years.

Living in the now and staying present has been a difficult  for me to achieve.  I tend to overthink and create a story, one that leads to fear and anxiety.

Marty says to live in the now is to be an observer of our senses.  This means to bring awareness to not only sight, sound, smell, taste, but also to the sensations in the body.

How does a thought make you feel?  Bringing awareness to these sensations may bring you closer to attuning to your authentic-self.

Acknowledging and accepting feelings, guides me to discover a self, the self that is connected to intuition and offers endless love and compassion.

I cannot always pay attention to my surroundings and be aware of the moment.  Since I am naturally driven to distraction  by mind chatter, it proves difficult to sometimes limit thoughts.  When I find myself deep within my mind, I try paying attention to how this is triggering sensations throughout my body.  For me, I realized that negative sensations are usually traced back to a rat wheel of endless worry.

As I attune to my feelings, I let the trigger, which causes pain in the pit of my stomach, to be a warning signal.  Not always am I able to clear thoughts, once the negative voice has began.  I first become aware of the warning signal, then I am able to make a rational decision to change my behavior instead of mindlessly reacting.

In times when I am unable to clear my mind and bring my awareness back to my senses, I use gratitude and affirmations to reprogram my sub-consciousness.  I have previously brainstormed and made it somewhat ritualistic to incorporate these concepts in my life.

When a trigger is revealed, I can then use an affirmation that brings my awareness to the now  “In this moment, right now I am safe, I am worthy and I accept all of me.”  This helps me gain a perspective that is both calming, nurturing and attuned to the present.

Ideally, we would be able to clear our minds in all circumstances and enjoy life as it unfolds before our eyes.  Being aware is a skill that needs to be practiced.  This is why mediation is so vitally important to overall health and wellness.  Through sitting, we train our brains to be calm and collected.

When thoughts do arise, try continuously to bring them around to clarity by focusing on the  breathing track.  This takes us out of a reactionary mind to one of acceptance and feeling of overall peace.

In the practice of focusing on the breath, one will eventually be able to correlate it back to the senses. This correlation allows you to realize the breeze brushing against your cheek, the song in a chipmunk’s chatter and the innocence in a scared, frantic, and angry person.  Once this correlation is made, my hope for you all is to transform a monotonous zombie-like life into one of a revived, exciting and blissful one.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you Mechelle, that is a wonderful post and thanks for sharing. Takes a little courage to expose yourself when recovering.

    Sometimes I sit with people on the phone. With Mechelle we have a discussion about triggers, practice, letting go, etc. before we sit.

    This idea of trying to form a little community, to have others who follow, have a voice.

    We are trying to create a dialogue, a sharing of each other’s ides and paths. Please feel free to participate.

    If you want to share your journey, please let me know.

    We also have thought about having an hour group call for some dialogue and a meditative sit for twenty or thirty minutes.

    Many question arrive when we do the work.

    Thanks again Mechelle.

  2. Posted by Jennifertem on January 8, 2018 at 3:03 am

    Mechelle, a beautifully written post.

    What a journey! You so well describe the process of minfulness and the impact it’s had on your life.

    Marty helped guide you but you put in the work.

    Those who practice know this takes work on a daily basis.

    Congratulations to you. Mechelle on your new blog, and thank you Marty opening a dialog.

  3. Thank you Jennifer. I’m looking forward to being a part of the online community. Yes, I came from deep despair and brokenness and yet there are so many more goals that lye ahead. Lately, I’ve been trying to recognize the small victories and realize that it is not always a linear road.

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