Negative core beliefs: Coping with traumatic-related dissociation


Chronically traumatized people often suffer from persistent core beliefs. These are deeply rooted convictions that typically involve all-or-nothing thinking without balance or nuance.
“Things never work out for me,” “People always try to hurt me,” I am completely stupid and unlovable,” or ” There is no safe place.”.
These beliefs often contain words like always, never, or none. Such thoughts and beliefs can profoundly influence, reinforce, and intensify negative emotions.
Negative core beliefs are reinforced over time by negative emotions, perception, and predictions, and by additional negative life experiences.
The same is true for positive core beliefs and attendant receptions, emotions, and experiences.

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  1. you always teach
    me interesting
    clinical lessons, Marty!
    amazing how that dog
    reads the sign 🙂

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