Update:: __A New Film from the Studios of My back jacuzzi parlor

A new fancy LED model is almost done.  I am envisioning doing a series with parts adding more depth to everyone’s practice.  Starting with tracing the breathing track with your hand while you inhale and exhale all the way to application to triggers and beyond healing.
. The Breathing Track was born in an effort to simplify the process of practicing mindfulness for people wanting to heal from Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, agoraphobia or other anxiety disorders.
My path was rather long and arduous starting a meditation or mindfulness (meditation) program in my garage by myself.  From there, I searched out a small local Zen center to strengthen my practice.  This took a few years to reach a place of emptiness (no thought) for short periods.  Along the way, I learned no goals, to sit with intention and support of others.  Loving Kindness was the last piece of the puzzle.
My complex PTSD was much better and I was gaining some freedom and relief from the once constant flow of cortisol and fear.  I would sit and ask for more understanding of the breath and all it’s connections and power it had.  My wife could not believe the depth and time spent investigating my breath.
I realized some things which were never obvious to me. The inhales were cooler than the exhales.  We pause after an exhale to let the used air to clear before taking in another oxygen filled breath.
The inhale needed a little more time to enrich the exchange of oxygen to feed the brain.  Remember the brain uses 25% of the bodies oxygen.  So all of a sudden these so called pauses had more importance.
My best results seemed to have a certain slower rhythm and flow when meditating.  How could I make this easier and quicker.  Buddhas Brain came along and finally I knew the secrets of the mind/brain.  We made the ego up, and the fight or flight mechanism was the fear feeling not the thoughts.
I plugged all my knowledge and practice to find a better way.  I knew that we always get lost in thought during the pauses or transitions.  It was easy to just follow the breath in the nostrils noticing how the breath eases past our nose hairs.
So getting lured into thoughts happens in the pauses.  What could we do to fix that.  Finally I connected the inhales and exhales making the current breathing track.
It worked.  Then after a couple of months use other benefits started appearing.  keeping thoughts out of my sits was much easier.  My breath liked the balance and flow of the track.  I found my breath had a speed which it gravitated to and the mind loved the form and balance.
Then I found my mind body and breath were soothed by the strength of the quiet and focus.  My practice reached deeper levels and more understanding of how to kill PTSD the quickest became clear.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Marty, LOL @ ‘studios of my jacuzzi parlor’! You’re hilarious.
    Great video btw, I remember when I started I could not comprehend how to do the track, I couldn’t even picture it, I had no focus, was too sensatized.

  2. Posted by willa on February 29, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    this is great. thanks.

  3. Well I am drafting Alex actor esquire, so cross you fingers.

    It is gratifying to see the enthusiasm of doing, taking action and yearning for more. Nice.

    And the community of support is wonderful.

    Supporting, feeling secure here make my spirit smile. Coming here everyday and trying my best is blossoming and we are expanding our influence of supporting more and more viewers.

    as we heal and share with ach other all this energy is contagious.

    Pay it forward and heal more.

    I have printed out some posts about ego, the mechanism of trauma, the self and lots more. I plan to go through some of them and give more in depth look. having a post everyone likes to turn it into a video is possible and may generate more questions.

    Ok let’s hear about questions, something needing explanation. Please ask and let us be all our oars in the water and rowing the same way and in balance.

  4. Posted by COR on May 27, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    THANK YOU cd

  5. Sorry, this is only ome of the films. You can go to themtop ofnthe page and a detailed model and explanation is available. Oh by the way, it begins the inhale at the bottom right corner. The inhale is in blue, transitions are in green (pauses) and red is the exhale. Simple easy and calming

    So the beginning of the inhale is the right hand lower corner. The end of the exhale as you trace the blue arrows is the left upper corner. Then a transition of pause then exhale starts right upper corner following the red arrows to the end at the lower left corner. Then another pause and begin again.

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