Ricard: Everything is relationship; nothing exists in and of itself. .


Autumn Shine (Fall Reflection) – Long Pond Ironworks, New Jersey – Jenn –
According to Buddhist analysis, the world is a result of the coming together of an infinite number of causes and conditions that are continually changing.
Just as a rainbow is formed at the precise moment the sun shines on a collection of raindrops, and disappears as soon as the factors that produce it are no longer present, phenomena exist in an essentially interdependent mode and have no permanent, independent existence.
Ultimate reality is therefore described as “empty” of independently existing animate or inanimate phenomena.
Everything is relationship; nothing exists in and of itself.
Once this essential idea has been understood and assimilated, our erroneous perception of our ego and our world gives way to wisdom—an accurate view of the nature of things and beings.
Wisdom is not a simple intellectual construction or a compilation of information.
It arises from a precise methodology that allows us progressively to eliminate mental blindness and the afflictive emotions that derive from it, and in that way free us from the principal cause of suffering.

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  1. Lovely shot. I like very much this picture. Have you a good evening!

  2. […] Source: Ricard: Everything is relationship; nothing exists in and of itself. . […]

  3. Posted by Jennifer on February 1, 2016 at 3:32 am


  4. This is a very comforting and uplifting site. I love the nature shot and how it conveys a sense of calm and creativity. Thank you for the share and daily encouragement. 🙂

  5. A very comforting and uplifting site:

    Thank you for this gratitude and I have always hoped I came across like this.

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