The mind is not at it’s apex, most powerful, most brilliant, most capable when thinking.

Brighton,, beginners mind, nothing else in the world exists.

Mensa disagrees, I know. So the highest IQ’s are the happiest people. Oh wait, genius is close to crazy, no?
The mind expands, functions quicker when empty and focused, present in this moment.
Thought has ruined many lives, even abstract thought never quite realized.
The centered, empty mind can find peace of mind (Happiness).
It takes a personal investment of time, energy, discipline, courage and emotion.
Please join me.

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  1. Posted by kelly on July 14, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Nothing else is relevant than right now. Finding peace in calming your mind allows the nervous system not to feel sick and exhausted all the time. My hope is my journey through this will help one person choose peace and joy and the calming of their mind by simply sitting with their own breath. I am now teaching my son when he gets upset to sit and breath. He is far to active to sit still yet but we are working on the inhale and the exhale. He was sick for 5 days with a very high fever and he kept saying as he was inhaling really big and exhaling slowly. My body is hot and sick. I am making it feel better like this. Amazing. Thank you very much again for having this site. This is something you can not tell people about. They have to do it. Have a wonderful day

  2. The Daili Llama has stated that if we taught all 8 years old to meditate, war would disappear in two generations.

    I am starting to introduced my model to Bailey, who is 7.

    Make it fun, a game, a learning, sharing experience.

  3. […] The mind is not at it’s apex, most powerful, most brilliant, most capable when thinking. […]

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