If you find yourself stuck, frozen, almost paralyzed with fear and confusion, , ,What can we do?

We have options.

Action, movement, both physical and mental fuel our recovery.

Momentum is a funny thing. Watch any competitive sport, as pro football, and momentum is an invisible power like the wind.

Momentum benefits the mind and body exponentially, moves a frozen spirit.

First, I can exert all out energy on an aerobic exercise. My visualization enhances my practice. I envision trauma trying to stop my legs from moving. Now, I have placed PTSD as my opponent and we are about to compete, wage war with him.

From this space, a situation where I am exhausted, my ego wants to quit, go home and lay on the couch.

Our response is to walk another 15 minutes. Music blaring, focus on the breath, I envision walking through a brick wall, if needed. The game is afoot.

When this exercise is done, accomplishment and exhilaration invade my body. The mind shares this jolt of energy and positive emotion.

What has been accomplished? Poisons have been flushed, all the joints and organs in the body have been bathed and oiled, the lungs and heart have been strengthened and finally the body has been pushed past exhaustion.

Trauma, also has been dealt a blow. Making trauma my opponent, has placed me in a competitive situation. An antagonistic space, where we are moving, taking action while trauma is around.

This is a huge psychological advantage. When we can befriend our fear (fight or flight mechanism) PTSD dies quickly.

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