The Undefeated Mind: Meditation and Pain People

Ayle Permata Sari
Because studies had shown that simply becoming mindful of one’s emotional response to pain decreases its unpleasantness and improves functioning, and because meditation had been shown to reduce the unpleasantness of acute pain by almost 60 percent (making meditation by some measures superior even to morphine), she first began teaching him how to meditate.
In my opinion and much stated beliefs:
Any attention we give our pain, increases it, period.
Chronic pain can be compressed, changed, altered with effort, aerobic exercise and attitude. more to follow:

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  1. Posted by Jim Doyle on September 14, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Yes,Marty,I’ve just discovered A.C.T. and used it yesterday for pain in temples;
    the exercise was to, go inside to pain,then go outside to something,and go like that
    for couple of minutes–inside,outside,inside,outside; It bloody well worked! Pain
    reduced by at least 70%!

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