Fear, an emotion not a definition of me, a chemical reaction!!!

I will always have fears, but I need not be my fears, for I have other places within myself from which to speak and act.
Fear is an emotion, one we can use, understand, befriend, familiarize, benefit from and develop.
It is possible to recognize, accept, and take action even when fear is present.
Fear does not take my joy from life but highlights the importance of living life fully, taking action and being present.

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  1. Posted by Jim Doyle on December 25, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Have just had a insight that I get angry because that was what I was taught to do
    when fear came; that was what a MAN did! Of course my intellect knows this to be
    wrong,but I was taught from BOTH parents that if anyone insulted or put you down
    in any way, it is your DUTY to at least challenge them,or call them names,or HIT
    THEM. And that NOT to do so,made me into a terrible,weak,low ,coward.
    And to be THAT, is awful and degrading,the worst you can be, you are less than
    this . dot!
    Again,I KNOW this is ridiculous,but I FEEL IT! If I do NOT do this
    (act like raging angry fighter), the TERRIBLE,TERRIBLE GUILT I FEEL IS
    I feel caught in a trap with no way out!

  2. And you should feel that way. If we take a step back and see what we have created, been taught, developed before we knew or were mature.

    So if someone acts a certain way we must respond. Wow. Seems like we are handing power to,others behavior. I would feel trapped also.

    So now, Jim this is the first awareness, of this by you.

    So, we let the feeling, the judgment that we are trapped fade as we focus on the breath. We observe the body sensations of remorse or guilt when we decide not to react.

    Accept and see where these feelings manifest in your body. That are only feeling and if we do not grasp them they will integrate to present moment in time.

    There is no guilt, no loss for not reacting, only a judgment in grained as habit by adults, parental units when we were young.

    As you see vulnerable meand weakness to you and your value system you were taught.

    Having the ability and space to not react or to react if we want is resilient and healthy.

    Now use your awareness and unhook that anger anchor and see you are fine not getting mad or yelling but maybe laugh at the asshole annoying you.

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  4. There is no up without down. 🙂

  5. Posted by Jim Doyle on December 26, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Oh,thanks Marty! You made me laugh out loud with your last sentence!
    Your right,that is all they merit.

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