All in, push your chips to the middle for staying present

I can not tell you how many times a situation or person would cause me to grasp a storyline filled with drama, reacting with questions like why me or is a black cloud following me.
Sometimes with my C-PTSD active, this drama would last for days. My nervous system would fire time after time as I suffered.
Now, the same situation fades without me grasping, paying attention, giving trauma power and time in my consciousness.
It is like preventive medicine, changing behavior, not reacting to PTSD triggers, heals, fades, disappears in time.
It still amazes me, the power we possess in choosing where we place our attention.
It is similar to everyone getting $100,000 in Monopoly money with the ability to invest these dollars where we place our attention.
Why not invest everything, all in as they say, to be present in this moment.
It is a winning strategy, a life changing decision filled with opportunity and the biggest chance for happiness, fulfillment.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Like you said, live in the moment. Live one day at a time, or one minute at a time. I practice mindfulness and meditation and it has been very helpful for me. I suffer from several chronic physical illnesses as well as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. I’m not really sure how to deal with the PTSD when it’s triggered. That’s a difficult one. In my case, I have several issues that caused me to have PTSD. These memories are never going to completely go away. A few weeks ago I had an episode, I was overcome with such sadness, trashed my room, and felt suicidal. Some how, I made it through it, again. I’m hoping with the mindfulness and meditation it will eventually help in this area as well as it’s helping with my other illnesses.

  2. When we are triggered, our focus on the breath can, let the storyline of trauma and the emotional content fade, feeling the body sensations.

    Your memories may not go away but they can lose power and become boring.

    have you tried affirmations as a start?

    So you practice mindfulness and meditation, great.

    How are you applying it everyday?

    Do you use it when a trigger appears in your consciousness?

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