Is there a PTSD blog out there that calls for action and has active participation?

Do people suffering with PTSD on the Internet take action to heal?


I do not see any evidence of that happening on any PTSD  blog or website.


This is not the medium or taking action is why we have epidemic PTSD rates?  Who Knows but very little healing is happening online.

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  1. I have not seen one, or a therapist for that matter that calls for any kind of urgency. PTSD kills people, and I had no life of my own while suffering. But I also believe people need to reach some kind of bottom, before they are ready to do the work.

  2. So out of two hundred here two have hit bottom?

    I mean I will be dead before that happens.

    People do not take action, period.

    It is why we do not heal. Even when they see others make miraculous improvement.

    So my question is, if there is no urgency, what good am I doing?

    I would be worthless to you if you did not take daily action Kaitylotts.

    How would anyone reach and get PTSD ers or a few to take action.

    What is your solution?

    More writing by me on here does no more, healing is there, takes action to make it work, though.

  3. There is a freeing part of this to me to just let down all walls, and talk shop, deal with the real issue.

    How does anyone of you motivate PTSDers online. healing happens with intense daily action, pressure, the best and quickest I believe.

  4. I saw start a local group Marty. You have incredible drive / determination.

  5. Posted by monica on March 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I agree with kailots about reaching bottom but how low is low…I reached bottom many times and sought therapy. Did that make me ready to take action at the time? To be honest.,I am not sure. I told Kaitlots that I bought a book I now love and find extremely helpful ..called the power of now by eckhart Tolle many years ago. it made no sense to me so I gave it away. today…I am swallowing it up as it totally resonates with me…was I not desperate then?
    I think Marty that sometimes….timing has a lot o do with healing.

  6. So why has no one even tried to heal after you two?

    been two months

    I am just trying to look at results, results yes.

    You know I see this as our therapy professionals have trained us to expect no results. We are not told what works, how long or any therpist is not held accountable for results. Maybe do not do anything unethical and you have a job for life.

    I find the whole PTSD industry so inept, incompetent and almost unethical in. It caring or having no urgency and no foresight. Mindfulness could be implemented in schools as a way of helping us be happy or healthier mentally. We are studying taking the disorder off the label.

    If you are worried about labels you will never heal whether it be victim, loser, PTS or PTSD, it does not matter.

    Is anyone even discussing being pro active about this. if mindfulness is a way to get relief and heal from many emotional disorders and emotions then where is the implementations of it. before deployment.

    How about our psychologist leads us once and tell us what and how do we feel happy?

    Wow what a novel idea. A kid raised exposed to mindfulness will handle adolescents and life especially trauma better with a program like this.

    foresight, is psychology totally absent of it and urgency. Yes.

  7. So, Monica, how difficult was the last month for you. How much pain or describe what it was like because the fear of doing what you just did holds maybe 95 per cent of people back who will not heal.

    Was it that awful?

  8. Marty, I don’t think therapists really know how. I was always told (w/ my G.A.D) to relax. No one ever told me how. I don’t think they comprehended that I did not know how to relax. As for awful? It was heal or die for me. Suicide became a more likely option.

  9. Posted by monica on March 16, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    I am about to leave …so in a nut shell. Like the movie in the wizard of oz…remember who was behind the curtain….a small tiny nothing of a man pretending to be a big scary person.
    That’s what is keeping us from freedom..there is nothing scary when the curtains are lifted.

  10. Posted by monica on March 16, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Kaitots just read what u wrote….me too! I was given relaxation cd.s and I could not sit…so the cbt therapists got frustrated with me week after week thinking I was not complying..I felt guilty on top of anxious…..

  11. Same here! I would scream and cry, I did NOT know where to start. And the breathing track gave me that, I am eternally grateful!

  12. Posted by monica on March 16, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    well, let me make it very clear..its only been a month and I am not there yet. But I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. My only respite was sleep. So…now…the scariest part was to look at my triggers in the face and remain there. Not run. It didnt happen with ease at first..I think i wrote about it on one of the blogs how.. I ran! But the next time..I stayed a bit longer. It is a whole change of mindset. As an example…today..I placed a chair and sat quietly in front of my trigger. I looked at it and breathed. It didnt swallow me up. I didnt feel like running. was I 100 % comfortable? No..but breathing really relaxed me.I can already see it in my mind that I will be able to one day be free of the anxiety that has always been connected with the trigger. Why? Because as I sit there I begin to see it for what it really is. Its a delusion. Its only left over remnants from another time..still hanging around and attaching itself to something.that has nothing to do with today. I can see it for what it is…but its facing it, breathing through it that gives me the power to remain. Was it difficult this past month? not even close to the difficulty I have had to endure internally with my symptoms. I am peaceful at home…despite having some real challeging things going on in my life.

  13. Posted by fikadax on March 17, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Lovely that you share your experience Monica. Every word you use, feels in my body, with awareness and a way out. I feel you will never turn back, go on and listening to your inner voice and the voice of “Ego” will fade out, not frightened you anymore, maybe same day you can see how the “Ego” wanted to protect you and the protection would be in your service again. I give you my respect for your courage and your brave. Anneli

  14. Posted by monica on March 17, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks so mucn Anneli, would like to hear a bit of where u came from with anxiety. Did u also have c=ptsd?
    I am looking forward to that day!! I was just explaining how the ego has been put together to my girl friend just this morning. That makes so much sense. I always knew that I was not the person of the past…that I had a brand new identity…but i never had the tools to implement this into being which caused me continued sadness and even depression. With the tools of mindfulness and daily practice change happens before your eyes…in the now. As I practice acceptance,non judgement I feel such a greater peace,its like the fight to make things be a certain way…is over and i can just breathe.

  15. Hi Marty,

    I disagree with you in some respects. I think people suffering from PTSD on the internet do take action to heal, but just in different ways. Writing is a form of healing and even if people are just writing to express their thoughts, then that is helping yourself. Others create, make artwork, sing, dance, etc. There are so many different ways that people find mindfulness.

    As far as blogs are concerned, there are so many variables that go into active participation and things that we cannot control. For example, people are likely to participate the more comments you receive or the higher your google rankings.

  16. Well, I acknowledge your disagreement with me. I do not question that some of those things you say can be somewhat healing.

    If we are speaking of childhood complex PTSD, you will never heal before you are seventy if you think you can write your way out of it. No way.

    A million years.

    See what you leave out is urgency and PTSD’s weakness. Your way will be a decade or two.

    This blog is a laser point of going right at the trigger point with the breathing track.

    Write all you want but if you want to heal, then try my way first at least.

    I am in a dissertation study of thirty five blogs, none even close to this one.

    No one calls for people to get up and try this, if what you are doing is not working.

    I have no heard of writing therapy being effective at all with Complex PTSD. You may be handling and rehandling your thoughts and triggers. What are you going to write about thatis going to change what is in the amygdala?

    How will you prepare by writing to face the triggers scary points. How will writing help you stay present when a trigger explodes.

    healing is this grand all encompassing thing to therapist. That is crazy. Ask Monica and Kaitylotts about healing really healing and things changing.

    healing is being present and handling the trigger moments of eruption better each time a thought appears.

    I am talking of blogs where people are healing from the simple healing model. Not participation to talk.

    Writing, talking for a complex childhood PTSD sufferer will get lost and be worse off. Go to theTSD discussion boards and see what PTSD suffers write and fight with each other. I have been on my writing blogs about PTSD and the last thing happening is healing.

    My opinion but please show me one blog where they are taking action with a model the blog has given and are healing. Life changing,as, time spent in dissociation cut by 90%, anxiety and panic attacks greatly reduced. Total attitude change and life perspective.

    I would like to see some writing blogs healing PTSD with those results.

  17. I guess I do not understand your perspective completely, but that’s okay. I have always been one for more alternative healing methods, but I am starting to gain more respect for your approach.

  18. What heals the quickest with the least amount of input?

    I have narrowed it down to one symptom, dissociation. All other symptoms disappear if you handle dissociation with my. Model.

    You can go right at the heart of where trauma grows and launches and neutralize it.

    That is very specific, direct and finite. Affirmation, no negative self talk, the breathing track to stay present for every thought and trigger. repeat till your happy.

    How could you not try, successes right in front of you. let me know if you will find this claim or a model and streamlined program that works.

    I am not the only one saying this works, I am not arguing theory, I am saying it works.

    it is concise and efficient.

  19. Hey Marty 🙂 Though I am much better than before I am still suffering on some levels. I am going to college now to get a degree in Human Development, I plan on working with people who have C-PTSD an issues related to Traumatic Experiences. I wanted you to know that I am doing pretty good considering I just lost my Mom last month. I also launched a new Blog that seems to show another part of myself, the light I guess 🙂 or maybe it isn’t even real, whatever it works! Thanks for this Blog but your right, we have to action, each time something brings the trauma up we have to try to face it, the more we go toward it, the less afraid we are. At least for me. I write about it, and recently I have started telling people about what happened to me, just a few so far, but I never thought I would be able to tell people I loved. I am still writing at the other blog though 🙂


  20. That is wonderful, healing and continuing to heal. Since you have left, I have come up with a breathing track and a streamlined healing model.

    Might be its worth a look to heal you the rest of the way.

    great to hear from you and about your journey. Good luck on the schooling and I understand wanting to help others who have C-PTSD.


  21. Glad to hear you’re sharing browneyedgirl! I am sorry to hear about your loss.

  22. Omg I read about your mom and forgot to include my condolences. be easy on yourself and take time to grieve and experience life.

    it is a tough loss and it helps when we are understanding with ourselves.

  23. Posted by monica on March 21, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    I am feeling so much relief from my GAD…I am almost tempted to say…..I dont have GAD anymore?????
    Anyways..its a daily practice.

    ps Not sure why this writing is so fancy…..maybe its celebrating my success!

  24. Posted by monica on March 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    ok…the writing is normal…as I was writing my comment above…the handwriting was cursive and quite elegant..but then once posted it returned to regular writing.

  25. and what do we credit this success for?

    Now 14 years of therapy times $150 a visit

    wow therapy fits more into a calendar for insurance companies and therapists making a career.

    how could you say and heal so fast?

    seems like others would be lining up because it clost nothing

  26. Posted by monica on March 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    I dont know…I could never imagine NOT feeling the never ending feeling of nervousness and fear. It was always there. Now…I walk around without the DREAD.
    I attribute the success to your blog,the insights,the breathing and facing the triggers,being mindful,minimizing my complaints…and just not fighting with “what is:” Kaitilots is a big help too.

  27. Posted by monica on March 21, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    and immersing myself with material and books about mindfulness etc. If u want to change …you must dive in…

  28. I believe this demonstrates over a blog, from posts you can understand and have a daily practice and heal on your own, quickly.

    That seems to good to be true?

    you resisted affirmations, did that change?

    I got mine back out,

    You did this is amzing time?

  29. @ Kait and Marty Thanks for the condolences. I am super interested in the program you have. How do I get started?

  30. go up top and pick the breathing track. read and open your eyes and practice. Print out a copy so u have one, this will make getting to empty easier and much quicker.

    You have the affirmations and no negative self talk.

    We will apply the breathing track and w at the point our triggers explode.

    My model is streamlined but the breathing track makes it allwork, we apply dailyith every thought.

  31. I am glad to be of a help Monica! GAD is tough to live with, I am THRILLED to hear you experiencing some peace 🙂 Browneyedgirl – you will get there too!

  32. I have started sharing my story of healing..from anorexia and trauma. I am not sure how to be most helpful in reaching back..but I am sure willing to do the work. I am starting to make some inspirational cards to send out as reminders and support to hold on to. I am looking to connect with others to do my part.
    I enjoy your posts about mindfulness.
    I didn’t want to come across like I have all the answers or a simple solution. But I want to show what is possible.
    Love –

  33. there are a lot of great methods out there, and a lot of people suffering even when they know about the methods. people choose what they want to choose, people ignore what they want to ignore. it is frustrating yes, but it has always been frustrating for people to see others they care about continuing to suffer. wanting to help others is great but they can only be helped if they want to be. there is nothing we can do, ever, to force healing on another person. it cannot be done. many have tried but it has simply pulled them into codependence. i understand your frustration and urgency, but there is nothing anyone can do to force healing on another person. the only person we can heal is our own self.

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