People with dissociative disorder:….time is distorted?

From Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation:
People with dissociative disorder often have related problems of time distortions. They experience time passing by much too slow or fast; perhaps more time has passed than they thought, or an hour seems like an entire day.
Some parts of the personality are often quite confused about where they are in space and time, believing they are still in the past.
When people with a dissociative disorder are alienated from their body, they may be insensitive to physical pain or lack sensation in parts of their body.
Some people report that they do not always always properly register heat and cold, cannot feel whether they are hungry or tired, or feel numb in their body.
Again, it is typically the case other parts of the self do feel the physical pain., the hunger, or other bodily sensations.
There are many different symptoms of depersonalization, but in every case it seems to be a way of avoidance or attempting to regulate overwhelming feelings or experiences. Depersonalization symptoms may be temporary or chronic.

Parts of the personality that hold traumatizing experiences:
Younger parts:
Helper parts:
Parts that imitate the people who hurt you:
Fight parts :
Ashamed parts:
Which ones are estranged inside of you?

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  1. I don’t think the part of our minds that functions when we are in a traumatic state actually understands time, or can grasp the concepts of past, present, and future. I think it operates very much like my cat, and although she can learn procedures based on associations formed in the past, I’m pretty sure she does not see the past as being the past, and that she lives entirely in the moment.

  2. I have really had to work hard to give my younger “part” a voice. The part of me that is still in protective mode doesn’t want to hear from the child at all. Integrating those two aspects of self has been the main focus of my recovery.

  3. Insight from both of you and it shows an awareness of the inner world.

    Actually trauma is stored in a special place called the amygdala, an almond shaped organ of the brain responsible for protection, defense, the fight, flight or freeze or if inter species it can be posturing, like dominant or submissive.

    interestingly trauma is stuck when it happens. It is that feeling we get feeling like a child or having childlike fears, now. You know immediately you are dissociating into your trauma thoughts.

    Elisabeth, thinking your way out is impossible, once you have stayed present enough and observe this younger part, it will integrate to current time with healing almost complete. I never knew where the finish line was when I was in the middle of recovery, you just have to make mindfulness a habit for life, a great healing habit and path to happiness.

    Excellent responses, this is going to a be a series from this book that explained the last piece of the puzzle to me, stuck parts. Anger was never allowed by me, dad was always angry, so anger was estranged from me, scary unknown.,

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  8. Has anyone had this happen before? I was driving on a road with two lanes but no road marked lanes – o one lane cars going up and the other same road where lane is cars coming down. I became brain fogged and was driving down the middle of the road between the 2 lanes, and then suddenly realising and at the same time not understanding that there was any reason why two lanes were there in the first place? – because there was no dividing road marks to divide the two lanes.

    Yes thats me very confused and confusing you all in this site, Sorry 😦 — am right now trying to understand why my brain did the most unspeakable where I could have had a head on with another vehicle because this thing happened without my control.

    Now Reading your paragraph ‘People with dissociative disorder often have related problems of time distortions. They experience time passing by much too slow or fast; perhaps more time has passed than they thought, or an hour seems like an entire day.’

    Is this ?.. what happened to me at night. Is it because I was stressed driving at night in a small suburb. Help please!!!

    My first time on this site. Am under medical treatment for PTSD-C for the past 2 1/2 years – and am feeling not understood, days are sometimes good and when they are bad they are bad.

    At the moment, I am on recovery, but still find it hard to go out on walks as become startled and panic attacks set it. I hope this site will be able to give me winds of change so that I can heal even if it is a leaf blowing at a time, this is good for me. Thank you for any help you can give me – Netsy 🙂

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