Osho:—Surrender and Trust!!!


“Trust means you are not fighting; surrender means you don’t think of life as the enemy but as the friend.  Once you trust the river, suddenly you start enjoying.

Tremendous delight arises: splashing, swimming, or just floating, or diving deep.  But you are not separate from the river, you merge, you become one.

Surrender means to live the same way in life as a good swimmer swims in the river.  Life is a river.  Either you can fight or you can float; either you can push the river and try to go against the current or you can float with the river and go wherever the river leads you

So surrender is the real God.  Much is possible, if you allow.  But to allow is arduous, because to allow you will have to surrender.

Emptiness means surrender.”

Seems these monks were practicing mindfulness many centuries ago.  Now our western world is starting to adopt many of the 2500 year old traditions of the eastern world.  Meditation is new to America but a staple since Dogan created Soto Zen Buddhism in the 1200’s.

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  1. Do we trust our Trauma or fears. Well raise your hand if you are not fighting, resisting or running from your fears?

    Trust came to me with my focus practice. I was armed with a shield that could allow me to trust I was fine and thoughts and trauma were just illusions of past terror.

    None of my thoughts and fears materialized. I paid homage to them for 59 years and none of them became reality. My arduous path has brought me to support others so they can feel free and easy.

    I never thought I would be this free or this happy. My trauma felt like it had power over me, ruled me and the best I might accomplish was to be able to live life a little suffering a lot.

    now life just is and I refuse to judge it, or I vacate a judgment made as quick as possible. life has hard parts, parts I would have described as terrible or emotional but now I let them exist and keep my focus.

    This allows me to let these Emotions and fear flow on through without me grasping at them. my mind finally let’s the distractions be and continues to be here, present and experiencing this moment.

    Pur minds can be trained to slow down and to let go of fear, emotions and thoughts anytime we want.

    Please follow me and start your focus practice today.


  2. Posted by Jennifer Temple on September 8, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    When I think of the times I have trusted the river, life is so beautiful, peaceful, joyful and tranquil – then I fight the current again. My journey has just begun and I look forward to when I can experience the moment without distractions and not internalize negativity – let it flow through my body, letting it go completely.

    I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make such a dramatic change even at 60. It’s never to late to embrace life!

  3. We never arrive because their is no reward or judgment. Life is to be lived not cognitively dissected.

    Life is a journey not a destination, follow that sentence and freedom will be yours.

    Let go, the bullshit can flow on through with recognition but not even a rise in anxious feelings is noticed once we develop focus.

    Even if you are the Butt of a joke or criticized, let it go.

    If we judge us we lose and the ego wins. if we get defensive and judge others we lose.

    We are connected to that judgment and the ego will bring up as many memories as possible to reinforce it.

    Remember the mind is, well cognitive side takes orders like you were typing on a keyboard, garbage in garbage out. Say it and perception becomes reality. The cognitive side is strictly literal and has neither a care of our wellbeing.

  4. Posted by Anonymous on September 8, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Bullet points to remember:

    Life is to be lived not disscected.
    If we judge – we lose and ego wins.
    If you are criticized – let it go
    If we get defensive – we lose
    If we are connected to judgement and ego – we lose
    The minds is a keyboard – garbage in garbage out –
    Say it and perception becomes a reality –
    Let go of the BS


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