Affirmations:—-My experience and Opinion!!!!!!——–Self-Talk!!!!!!!

John Christian Claussen Dahl

I discounted affirmations for a long time, believing it was a useless practice with no real value. My personal experience and in person support of others has changed my mind, entirely.
Now, I believe this is half of the equation for changing self-Image, self-worth and our memories. The other half, consists of never say or entertain a negative thought or emotion about us.
I felt like a big jerk, a liar, not believing what I was saying inside. My flawed self image cringed at feeling complete, whole, perfect.
Then I pledged to do some mirror work everyday. Sitting in the bathroom, I repeated those affirmations till the script was no longer needed, then I continued for a month.
Making small pacts with ourselves stops the ego from luring us away from effort. rain or shine keep this deal with affirmations.
My self image shifted and shifted a little everyday until it was overflowing.
I became like those affirmations in feeling positive and ok with me. I was fine, whole and secure even doing nothing at all. just being here and now, opened the world to me.

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  2. […] Affirmations: – -My experience and Opinion!!!!!! – – – Self-Talk!!!!!!! ( […]

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