Only You can take Action,—-This guy is expected to give up:– Think this does not make his spirit Soar? He has as much chance for happiness as you or me!

updated, How can we not try when this guy exerts all effort? This inspires me, knowing how great the human spirit is. many things can be accomplished with effort and heart.

Only you, can hold yourself back and create those invisible walls. Our life does not have to resemble some great inspiring success story to be full and enriching, filled with small bursts of joy, happiness or bliss.
Happiness and healing are borne in the attitude of never giving up and exerting all we have today, then later today and tomorrow for sure.
It is not about winning, it is about competing with worry, doubt, shame, guilt, fear and maybe anger. Competing, I mean taking action in spite of all these ego created mind mechanisms.
I do not care if fear, anxiety and shame are present in my consciousness. I am going to be here, present to experience now, whether it is horrible, euphoric, embarrassing or painful.
Not trying, being sedentary, dissociating or leaving this moment spells disaster for us. Endure, be brave, stay present and heal. Try hard and victim hood will never be your companion.
Not trying is losing, plain and simple. A daily practice impacts life in a dramatic way.
Life is a moment to moment adventure, not a destination, accomplishment or title.

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  1. this guy has grit, will not quit with superficial challenges and can be counted on. This pic makes my spirit soar to know our human mind is incredible.

    Do not feel sorry for a man with this willpower, maybe he feels sorry for you because you are taking action.

    live, take what you have a do the best with it. try hard as hell then rest.

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  3. Posted by jennifertemp on November 7, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    You can see his determination, spirit and joy in his face. What an inspiration for us we when we are feeling sorry for ourselves.

    Love the last sentence!


  4. How can we not try, not give all.

    Helen Keller came up with a quote about life has so much suffering. It also has many overcoming that suffering

    We can try.

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