Updated:…How the Amygdala works: Could you stay calm under that Helmet while you are anticipating What is Waiting for you!

This is practice, using adrenal stress in a Survival situation.  We experience the tunnel vision, hearing shutdown, loss of fine motor skills, and increase in heart rate,respiration and blood pressure?   It is the ability to follow our breaths and act calmly when we are triggered.  Learn that PTSD can not stop you from living your life first.

This video has some great info on the brain and the science of fear.  The graphics of the brain and amygdala are the best I have seen.  This is about a couple of exercises to react to fear and freeze responses.

Part two:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWKb2oI-hPs

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  1. This describes exactly how our brain works and how we can use our minds to heal. Our focus is on the breath or emptiness. Our goal is to have no goal. We are not soldiers but positive reinforcement and self talk is key.

    We are in a battle not a war but it has taken our life for a while. Long exhales slow us down.
    So our journey is like these seals but we need to face our delusional fear.

    It is safe using mindfulness.

  2. Scenario, First the soldier under the hat must be empty of thought or he fails this test. You need to be empty so all your abilitis are at rest and reflexes are at their optimum. If you get caught up in thought while under the hat, reaction time slows and you may end up dead.
    Second the amygdala picks up the threat 5 seconds before the pre frontal cortex which is our cognitive ability realizes athreat is present.

    This training uses the breath to not control fear, but be able to take action even if the fight or flight mechanisms has dumped adrenaline and cortisol into our systems. They also use the exhale to steady the mind just like we do on the breathing track.

    The ability to develop the skill to use the breathing track can let us take action even though fear is present.

    Remember our trauma fears are just memories of long past events. No real fear exists but the body needs a steady mind to not react. These soldiers and some policeman practice this skill so they can use the cognitive skill first to identify and react.

    If this breath is used in combat then it may help us. No it can help heal us. It can make it safe to take action even if we are anxious at times. Small shifts with daily action is needed. Small shifts and the courage to reach a little farther to risk a little may be a big shift.

    Just show up, do your best and go to the next minute, empty of thought.

  3. This video and part 2 are EXCELLENT! I love the scientific proof. It also makes me think ‘if it works for them, it can work for me’ They talk about visualization, breathing, and self talk. Everything we need to work with for PTSD. Even soldier’s faced with real life fears must practice the same model. So if the fear is real (or in our mind, trauma-based) the actions are the same. I love that!

  4. So imagine that our PTSD fear is not real.

    How would that impact your life?

    All I can say that all the triggers for me are still there, so you tell me if my fear was real?
    If so, then why am I not afraid, that is funny, I am not even concerned about them, now.

  5. I cannot wait to get to that point!

  6. The second part fits so easily for the breathing track.. Focus the mind, arousal control, ability to take action even if the fear hormones are secreted. If is not your eliminating fear, you are developing your skill to take action in the face of it.

    funny how some of the descriptions of seeing things and doing things once thought impossible are familiar.

    The steady mind focused on this moment empty of thought can accomplish more than we can imagine. All of our abilities are relaxed and rested if called upon. The mind works best when relaxed, tranquil but alert.

    As John Wooden said, Be quick but do not hurry!

  7. This video demonstrates how some practice to be able to function when triggered or in that fight or flight state.

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