Updated:—-PTSD: Symptoms; Hyporarousal

Elegant_Stinkhorn by Steven Kenny

These symptoms have been accepted as fact that some people experience a kind of dissociative shutdown in response to trauma.

 Emotional Numbness

Physical Numbness

Blank Mind

Profound detachment

 Inability to move or respond

Extreme drowsiness and even temporary loss of consciousness

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  1. I think this freeze symptom combined with avoidance keeps us stationary without the capability to take action.

    The worst thing we can do is stop taking action. Life is constantly changing we need to accept change and look forward to the unknown.

    That seems impossible from where some find themselves right now. It takes daily action and things will improve.

  2. Posted by willa on February 27, 2012 at 9:55 am

    thankyou for adding this category
    suffering this way is tuff stuff
    and while the symptoms can be very debilitating survivors are stong to have survived

    it is wonderful to come to this website and learn how to get well (the breathing track)
    to learn the workings of the mind – find thoughtful and thought provoking encouragement and education

    progress is available for everyone
    yesterday i experienced what could easily be construed as a big set-back
    but i refuse to see it that way because i respect myself and because i found and apply a bona-fide way to fight back – and that is a game changer

    1 – never give up
    2 – do the breathing track
    3 – reap the benefits


  3. Willa you are healing and gaining self worth or let me correct that, you are finally uncovering the perfect you.

    You could of considered something a set back, this is where you are shifting your reaction to situations and people because you are letting them exist on their own and let whoever is behaving own their own crap.

    We are perfect and we try our best staying present and that makes us perfect.

    Results are not our concern. It is not the size of our challenges, it is the size of our reaction, or lack of reaction, riding the breathing track and trying as hard as we can, that is living and Viktor Frankl found peace in a concentration camp of world war two.

    He came out an open soul believing in the power of mans will and ability to face abuse instead of avoiding their plight.

    We do not have to approve of what happens to us but no one can own that special,part of us.

    You have found this well of living Willa, develop some more and you will see more improvement.

    You have never giving up and you are not giving and turning to thought or avoidance or dissociation so PTSD is being starved and replaced by the perfect you hidden formally this time.

    Never give up
    Ride the breathing track
    Reap the benefits

    I could not say it better. It is simple specific concrete and our body, mind and breath crave this balance and peaceful space.

    Try it and heal like Kaitylotts, Willa, Alex anneli, Ali, BrowneyedGirl girl. The list is building and maybe we can get someone to evaluate and take this plan to the masses.

    This heals quicker than anything I have tried or seen.

  4. Willa I am going to send you an invitation to be a guest poster.

    You have insight and are closer to healing than me, so you have a better more recent view of it.

    Mine is memory now.

  5. Posted by willa on February 28, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    thank you marty. believe me i am in the thick of it. part of my healing approach is visiting, occasionally commenting, and learning from your blog. i do not however feel comfortable being a guest poster at this time. peace. (smile)

  6. That is fine, but OI want to know that your responses are insightful and great in my opinion.

    You help others with your willing to share even when fear is a companion.

    You have great courage Willa.

    keep up the pressure, you are healing.

  7. Posted by willa on February 28, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    thank you for that marty & thank you for your wonderfilled guidework.

  8. I do not want to place pressure or upset by pushing, I wanted to acknowledge what a special person you are.

    You know many painters I mean famous were not discovered until centuries later.

    What was that life like to be creating masterpieces o ly you recognized. Was it a full life or did lack of approval or recognition rog them.

    That is why we exert all our effort being present without thought, so we do not bow to disapproval or get lured into accolades. Acknowledge both, then let feelings, emotions and thoughts flow through.

    All this is a small part of the brain a golf ball sized ego, tries to be the superintendent the whole golf course, the rest of our mind.

    Be aware and just stay present, come back when we are lured away from time to time. No judgment, no right or wrong, good or bad.

    As they say in nature no good or bad, only consequences. keep fighting and applying pressure.

    Thoughts, feelings, emotions and trauma are impermanent and fade without attention.

    Attention is the key but we need the breathing track to implement our plan.

    I know, therapists are wary of re traumatizing in therapy and have no urgency. if you went to then for the next two decades without healing the draw of mom ney would continue.

    We are triggered everyday so I figured let’s get out of here and stop playing defense. I wasted time a year trying to find a way out playing dev
    Dense trying to heal.

    Now I know we need to be at war, to practice our breathing track and apply it with as much regularity and pressure as you can. Place your trauma on the defense.

    I healed when I went from prey to predator and hunted triggers, uncomfortable and finally the unknown. quite a journey which has just begun.

    I practice the same thing everyone else that follows this daily plan. I do this everyday rain or shine, feeling good or bad, upset, angry or elated, if the sun comes up ai am sitting and using my tools to go deeper experience more of this miracle.

    Please join me, this landscape is a available for all,of us.

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