Penn State:–Paterno let Little Boys get raped on his Watch! ——– Disgraceful.

This gives me a vile feeling of disgust at a man thought to be a leader of young men, a shaper of boys to successful men.  He lied and was cowardly for decades protecting his legacy, selfishly.  He let young boys be raped and repeatedly covered up what his assistant of 35 years was doing.  How could you live with yourself?

Being a former pro baseball player, I have to say this is the worst sports story ever.  No player, coach or even bat boy would collude to protect a pedophile and then enable him with immunity to keep ruining young lives.  This behavior is the antithesis of everything good about sports.
Still some Penn State fans excuse this behavior for exchange of all the good he did.  Bulletin to these lost individuals, all the wins since the invention of football are not worth the youth of one young boy.
Now, Joe Paterno has destroyed everything he cherished and thought he was building.  Penn State has four lawsuits currently pending with the spokesman for the university offering fair compensation.  So now, the good people of Pennsylvania will pay in taxes for this crime.
Paterno  would go to jail for perjury and maybe more if he were alive.  He died a coward and his family currently denies all in the face of irrefutable evidence in e-mails.  Evil hides in plain sight.  This is the catholic priest scandal of power all over again.
A state university of higher learning facilitated a serial pedophile to ravage young boys, the opposite of everything it wants you to believe they are.  Now, they have a problem deciding if the statue of Paterno should stay or go.  Wow, I would not go there for wisdom.

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  1. If you go to that stadium now for a football game what are you supporting. Football that important to you. Every time these kids play or go,on the road this will follow them. They are innocents also. The NCAA should let every kid transfer who wants to out of Penn State, why should they pay for these high paid cowards.

    Do these people have any clue how damaging this is to that scroll and this program. Pedophilia does not go away boys.

    Public opinion will doom this program if they continue. Time to quit football here and some of you at Penn State maybe should takes minute and think or maybe do something for the lives thesemen ruined. They preyed on at risk children from poverty backgrounds.

    Jerry Sandusky set up a Michael Jackson type play land with his second mile for kids.

    Many many many people knew what this man was about. Actually witness a young boy or girl being raped in a shower and it goes u reported or covered up for 13 years while this pedophile feeds on these kids.

    I woulda not want this karma on me for anything. Sandusky will get his in prison.

    Maybe pedophile are honored at Penn State but in cell Block C real justice will happen to this guy. Sorry but if I was in prison I would try to take him out if opportunity arose.

  2. The coverup was wrong. Hopefully the Penn State scandal will spur other organizations to stop covering up things.

    I have mixed views on this subject, BTW. However, whenever I take a look and measure ‘it’ (things) with the way society is going, I can see: child abuse / pedophilia is going to be wrong. I have little doubt Sandusky loved his victims some; and they loved him. And it’s society’s views which give a lot of the shame/blame pain game; not what happened to us as a child. We wish people like Sandusky would realize that: the burden they placed. If society were different, it would be different, but society isn’t headed that way.

    Due to this I think child molesters (and those who cover for them) should be boiled, broiled, roasted to a crisp, then driven insane . . . then made to take care of the children they hurt. Because if they loved them they’d do it: take care of the kids, not hurt them. And they didn’t. And like I always tell anyone whom I suspect of being a child molester who ‘loves his children too much’ – If you love them that much, then love them enough not to do it. Don’t place that burden of shame on them.

    Things are getting better, tho, Marty. Reports are up, but it appears per-captia incidence of abuse is down. So overall while there are more people (and therefore there will be more reports) the incidence is down. Society is changing, albeit slowly – through the efforts of many.

    I don’t wish any evil on anyone. But Sandusky? And his ‘crew’? I’m glad something was done. He had graduated from just “loving a child” inappropriately to raping, using, and abusing – and then abandoning, threatening, harassing – everything wrong. If had really loved them . . .

    Anyway – always a mixed subject for me, Marty. :/ Due to my DID nature, nature of abuse; grooming and such. I can see too many points of view. But it’s quite clear to me: society has no use for such folks. None at all.

    Lock ’em up & throw away the key . . . and lets turn our attention towards those children that need help.

  3. Jeff, love. Well a ten, twelve, thirteen year old boy or girl is not mature enough to know sexual love or love ofa pedophile. You do not even rea
    I’ve what a predator is actually doing, using his power, money, influence. This is not ine separate event, this was a whole community which some still do not accept these facts even now.

    Everyone is answerable. We do not ever get to a place where we have arrived no matter how many games you win.

    Our leaders whose honor owe more.

    Do you know Nike named a building after him for humanity. Legacy.

    Young boys were raped while all of you watch and accepted the accolades of a lie, a facade of a life.

    The campus wants to remodel the shower where some of the rapes occurred.

    How about a little support for the kids who never get to live a normal life. Some received death threat because they finally reported the abuse. So they are ostracized and removed from their schools for protection. Wow we really care about those lost lives but we erect statues to cowards.

  4. My paper for my criminology class last semester was on Sports Culture and Crime. This is the perfect example of what I was writing about..

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