Updated:——Mindset Using the Breathing Track

Relax and know this is a special space, safe and soothing, dedicated to your healing.  No right or wrong, good or bad, just us taking action without thought.  Enjoy and honor this space and heal in safety.

Practice! Practice!  Practice! 

Notice this is Alex’s rounder musical model.  Customize your own track to fit you.  Cut one out and carry it with you to remind yourself to stay present away from engaging trigger thoughts.  Be prepared and have a plan.

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  1. Please comment on your experience if you try this simple, easy way to follow your breath.

    Thoughts have a harder time luring you away or distracting you. The breath is not counted bringing in the left computer brain for starters, then we have a track so the breath is on a continuum. The obvious places everyone gets lost at, the top and bottom of the inhale and exhale has been fixed without altering the breath one bit.

    Analogy, running. You can run in a straight line but mostly we do this for sprints and short term races. For others we build a track to run around and compete. The track does not alter running but gives a physical shape so spectators can observe the event, correct.

    Well we are the audience and the track brings two more senses to the practice. Now the breath has form like the running track. We can clearly see where we breath at all times where we fit on the track. Thoughts have a much harder time asmwemimprove our skill practicing everyday. We can touch and trace the track to feel the continuum of the breath a few times before closing your eyes to sit.

    if you are having nightmares, aroused with cortisol much of the time then this breathing track is critical for healing. we need to stabilize the nervous system sometimes adding an anti depressant or not, but this breathing practice will stabilize the nervous system so we can integrate trauma later.

    my skill at doing this everyday healed me with its application to my trauma thoughts and chemicals. Complex PTSD fades a little more each day of practice diligently. it takes effort and dedication to heal from this disorder but the reward is Unbelieveable.

    I invite everyone to start today. Start slow or small but start.

    One of my therapists a couple years back, gave me this advice, “If you have to limp to the dance floor, limp but dance.”

    That means risk, reach out a little farther and take a chance and heal. Good luck

  2. I love that model of the breathing track…very helpful…thanks!

  3. Thank you, thank you, Kathy.

    Please try it and see if it helps. It is visual and you can touch it. I was surprised to place my hand on it with my eyes open as I took a breath. It surprised me how fluid and smooth the breath was in the curves.

    It takes the guessing out of what to do and it gives the top and bottom of the inhale and exhales a connecting arch. No beginning or end and a place easy for you to get back on.

    You can do this, it is simple and free, except for the nice models for sale in the future.

    Oh, I would love to make key chains to carry and remind us to be present. It does get easier and becomes habit.

    We all can improve and find happiness, it is inside us.

  4. This can not be emphasized enough how valuable a skill for the rest of your life.

    If you were to try and heal, this would be where I would place my ultimate bet, all in.

    try this with daily practice for a month. Be easy and have fun with it. Good luck.

  5. Posted by willa on January 20, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    excellent guide. just followed this video for the first time. saved to favorites for practice practice practice. tapped into the golden core of no harm. the original peace before harm untouched within. thankyou.

  6. Your welcome and please keep me informed on your progress and experience.

    try to envision the breathing track during the day and use it when trigger thoughts arrive. No judgment just becoming aware.

    If we can accept that new things are uncomfortable at first. it is ok to feel uncomfortable anyway if you can be on the model and observe it.

    Just be easy with no failure as you practice. You are investing time for just you and your healing. healed though all your family and friends will benefit because you will able to be there all of you.

    Good luck

  7. Hi Marty and all,
    Adding this musical level is beautiful.
    I am not sure how it began for me, but a few years ago I found I was layering the color wheel over the breathing track. Some days when the effects of trauma were very great the color wheel had many gradations. Visualizing and feeling the colors, their shades and values, warm, cool – even greys and neutrals – always soothed. I think some synasthesia is playing into this too, but see that as positive.
    Thank you for all the love you give to this human race.

  8. Whatever works

    I notice that inhales are cooler and exhales much warmer

    I always portrayed inhale as cool blue
    And exhales Red for hot

    The pauses were neutral or white

    You have added more color

    Whatever works for you

    Good job and thanks for your gratitude

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