C-PTSD Characteristics:…Identity Disturbance;… Out of the Fog

Issac Oliver


Identity Disturbance – Identity disturbance is a psychological term used to describe a distorted or inconsistent self-view.  Description:

People with identity disturbances typically have more than just a low self-image or negative outlook.  Identity disturbances involve an illogical or incoherent, inconsistent pattern of thoughts and feelings which go beyond logical pessimism.  People with an identity disturbance may speak, think or act in ways which are contradictory to themselves.

They may think the world of themselves one day and think nothing of themselves the next.  Their actions or thoughts may seem self-serving one day and flip into self-effacing, or self-destructive patterns the next.  They may excel in one activity and appear incompetent in another.  They may have impressive energy and enthusiasm for a season and be lethargic and withdrawn in another.

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