Mindfulness:… It becomes more and more simple, basic in a Way!

Carl Larssen

As my personal practice deepens with daily work, mindfulness becomes simpler.  The practice gets more and more basic as “I” shed everything around meditation.

Now, all that exists is my breath, trained to slow the pace down dramatically, along with my inner body sensations and sounds.  All that exists is my breath insinuates my mind and breath are seen as one now.  True, no separation as the ego fades (Thoughts).
My mindfulness is present at all times with me.  It is not a practice for me anymore because it is now a way of life.  I strive to be ever-present, empty of judgment and comparison.
 There is no loss for me anymore.  I show up today like yesterday, new  exploring current opportunity.  Instead of comparing, I now enter life and enjoy the small mundane things as miracles.  I am , finally, calm with full self-worth.
Please join me, I have no special skills, only a willingness to try and work.  Practice and improve, simple, also!!!!

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