C-PTSD:..Is Trauma Fear Real?

First let us establish fear as a warning signal, doing no harm on its own.  Even if fear is real, no harm happens with the fear alone.  Eample:  While walking a bear appears in front of us.  He stands up, growls sending our fear into high gear.  Then, without warning the bear turns and leaves.


What damage has been done?  Are we harmed?  What is the difference between real fear and trauma fear?  Physically almost nothing.


The amygdala activates our fight or flight mechanism whether we feel this is real or trauma.  This danger exists only in our heads from past stored events.  Trauma fear is a delusion.  It is not real.  My body was the last to accept this fact.  It must be experienced and observed.


Why should you even consider what I am saying about fear.  Maybe because my same trigger thoughts and fear stimuli still exist.  They fade with a total lack of interest now.  They must be delusions or I would still be filled with anxiety and fear.

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