More Shaila Catherine: Wisdom Wide and Deep

Isaac Ilyich Levitan

Isaac Ilyich Levitan


“Insight into the characteristics of dukkha (suffering) is gained by realizing  that everything that is impermanent will inevitably bring dissatisfaction or distress.  In essence, anything that is pleasant is vulnerable to loss; anything born will die; anything unstable is an unreliable support for happiness.


Simply because mental and material phenomena are impermanent, they are the basis for suffering, not happiness.


“There is simply no place in the cycle of birth, struggle for survival, aging, and death.


The countless activities of living create a relentless impingement on the senses; we move from one activity to the next without ever finding a reliable place of comfort.”


My bucket list has permanent things in it now with a few impermanent requests.  Knowing my inner world and mechanisms intimately, familiarized me with my permanent true self.  I wish to be present to experience all of life without doubt and with full effort.   The whole universe is right here in front of us.


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  1. 🙂 I will still take time to smell the roses, knowing the bloom will fade, for in me the memory of that time and smell will remain forever . . . a moment of peace and joy. ~ Jeffssong

  2. That is fine Jeff, you are not grasping at them. Holding on to negative things is our issue. The smell of a flower is fine.

    For me, something that is real, in this moment will hold my attention. I find the same pleasure in the flower as a whole cycle. part of the flower fades as we do. nature is life as we answer to suffering or joy.

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