Complex PTSD: We do not have to change the world, just not react to it.


My world remains intact, filled with all the trigger thoughts and conditions, as before.


My inner world has changed, allowing me, not to react, now.


Henceforth, I know that a thought, situation, person or performance! can not touch my true self.


One of the strangest adjustments so far, is not caring about disapproval or approval.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Whats crazy to me, is the more comfortable I get with my inner world, and less concerned w/ anything external, the more the external world is more accepting of me!

  2. Any patterns you notice yet.

    Hmm. That is interesting.

    Could we have read things a slight bit biased when we were afraid, scared to death.


    Once you learn to stop playing in the garden of thoughts, life can be exciting and enjoyable, well at least without anxiety and fear.

  3. Yes it is very enjoyable!

  4. Nice post, Marty! Moving from reaction to response. One of the keys is not caring about disapproval or approval.

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